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What type of quality are the bags?

We offer high quality Original Dan Bags in the price range of $300 to $600. If you are interested in a high quality Haradan bag, please submit an inquiry.

Are they made of genuine leather?

All our handbags and belts are made of high quality genuine leather (except some canvas bags).

What currencies do you support?

We accept USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and CAD and you can switch currencies at any time.

What is yuandan quality luxury?

Generally speaking, our replica luxury goods are divided into three grades, ordinary grade, original 1:1 grade, YuanDan quality, while yuandan quality grade is the best quality, some styles are even superior to the quality of original products and have the unique code of the product, while most of original 1:1 luxury goods don't use the code! And yuandan quality luxury goods are made of the best materials and craftsmanship, allowing our customers to use them in public at will, and even professionals can hardly tell the top luxury goods!

How long does it normally take to deliver?

Usually delivered to your shipping address within 7-14 days, we provide free air freight service, provide you with real pictures or videos of the products before shipping!

Do all products come in a gift box?

Of course, any of our products come in an original gift box, which is perfect if you are giving a gift or for your own use! Exquisite and top quality products!

How can I order your products?

You can order our products directly from our website or contact our customer service for PayPal payment, contact our customer service for free gifts and additional discounts!

What if the product has a quality problem?

We are 100% confident in our YuanDan quality products as they are made by the finest craftsmanship and master designers, be it leather, fabrics, accessories, craftsmanship is the best! Of course if a product has a non-human quality problem within 90 days, we can replace it for free or give you a full refund!

What if I want to order other brands of luxury goods that are not used on the website?

Please send a picture of the product you need to customer service on WhatsApp or email and we will provide you with the price and stock availability.