What is yuandan quality replica luxury goods?​

yuandanluxury quality

What is yuandan quality replica luxury goods?

As the operation staff of the website, many customers have questions about our price and quality, especially those who order for the first time, they will be curious about what is yuandan quality and how is it different from the quality of other replica luxury goods? How similar it is to the genuine one? Today I will let you know this concept of yuandan quality in an easy-to-understand way!

yuandanluxury quality

Classes of Replica Luxury Products

Ordinary replica quality

The first is also the most common kind of quality, this quality is usually made of pigskin, while the use of craftsmanship and hardware and stitching are very poor quality, the leather touch and look and feel at a glance can be seen is a poor quality product, and the seller usually does not provide gift boxes / dust bags / receipts. And most of the products have pungent odor! Usually these products sell for $50-$150 and cost about $30-$40 (including shipping).

Master Quality(Mirror quality)

This kind of grade of replica luxury goods has been very similar to the genuine ones, usually using cowhide/sheepskin/etc. leather production, hardware accessories and stitching will have better quality, while the seller will usually provide dust bag and gift box, the current price in the market in 200-300 U.S. dollars, the shortcomings of this kind of products is that the leather texture is there, but the touch is not so comfortable, and in the place of light, the leather will look harder, while some styles of products will have faults. The leather will look hard, at the same time some styles of products will have mistakes in the stitching, the leather is made of ordinary cowhide & sheepskin. Usually it is not easy to be seen, but people who have a little contact with luxury goods can see that it is a replica when they observe it!

Yuandan Quality (Top Master Quality)

Yuandan quality: this is the main production of our factory, made of top grade first layer sheepskin / first layer cowhide / crocodile leather, etc., take the same process with the genuine in hardware accessories, take semi-handicraft sewing in stitching, so that the sewing line is more natural and the closest to the genuine, and at the same time, the touch and feel of the leather is 99% similar to the genuine, in the absence of checking the serial number of the case even the luxury Without checking the serial number, even the professional staff of luxury goods can hardly recognize the authenticity, usually the price on the market ranges from 800 to 1500 US dollars. The so-called yuandan quality is a word defined by China's top designers who study replica products. Our yuandan quality factory has professional designers who study the details of each luxury product, so as to make the products most similar to the genuine ones, so that our customers can buy the best quality replica luxury products at a low price!

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